Still a Little Magic Left

As I have mentioned before, I’ve been entering the HP Magic Giveaways here and there. The prize is fantastic and would be so much fun to share! I’ve also enjoyed visiting many of the blogs who are participating. I’ve added a few subscriptions to my list.

One of the last blogs to kick off their giveaway was, a Spanish-language technology blog. They have asked us to start a “meme” by choosing a post that we like and blogging about it.

The post I chose was about GMail. You can read it here in English (you’ll probably need to browse for it, since I’m having trouble linking directly to the translated article), or here in the original Spanish. It’s called “8 Way to access GMail through the back door.” It’s not an earth-shattering article, but does have some interesting tips on getting GMail to load when something goes wrong or in non-standard environments. Some of the tips include a basic mode that doesn’t use javascript, the mobile mode and safe mode for when you’re on a public machine. I knew about some of these, but not others. I’m going to have to try to remember them for when I’m out and about. Does anyone else have GMail tips to share? If so, please let me know.

Also, you have a little time to join the meme and enter the giveaway. There are options for bloggers, as well as those without a blog, so you’re all covered! You can read the giveaway instructions in English on the CiberPrensa site. I’m going to pass the meme along to two of my favorite bloggers, MommyNiri and Ansha Kotyk. Head on over to CiberPrensa and find a post you enjoy. Blog about it and pass it on.  C’mon, ladies… take a chance on the magic!

Good luck!

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