Bug (aka Little Guy),  Food Allergies

I Guess Brunch is Out

Bug had his allergy check-up this week. His blood tests for eggs were negative, but he had shown a strong skin reaction. Still, the allergist suggested that we try giving him a cookie or other baked good with eggs. I started envisioning breakfast out for pancakes (made with eggs) or waffles (made with eggs) or even pastries (also made with eggs).

We decided to bake cupcakes for a party we were attending (we’ve still got nut allergies to worry about). We gave Bug a few bites before we left and everything looked great, so off we went to the party. At cake time, one mom tried to hand him cake and ice cream which kind of freaked me out since he couldn’t eat either one (the ice cream had egg in it, too). I’m not used to things like that since all of our family and friends know he has food allergies. It wasn’t a big deal, but I was already feeling bad that we hadn’t planned for ice cream for him. Luckily, he was too tired to care by that point!

Anyway, long story short, the experiment failed. When Big Guy wiped the frosting off Bug’s face, Bug had a rash all around his mouth. I think he’s had the frosting before and it should be safe, so that means a relatively severe skin reaction to the cupcake considering how much cupcake you get on your face! We gave him Benadryl and he was otherwise fine, but it was still disappointing. Back to square one…