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Holy Rabbit Poop, Batman!

We took the kids into the backyard on Saturday because the snow had started to dwindle and the weather was gorgeous. Unfortunately, the yard is covered in some sort of small mammal poop. Big Guy thought rabbits, but I thought maybe skunk. What does skunk poop look like?

Anyway, Big Guy made a big deal out of not stepping in the poop and now Bug is paranoid about skunk poop. He refused to walk across the lawn and all he has been talking about for the past few days is skunk poop. He’s obsessed.

Dear Big Guy, if you know that your son is naturally cautious about just about everything, why oh why would you add poopy angst to the pile?

Two questions, friends… 1) How do you get rid of rabbit (or skunk) poop? and 2) How do you get rid of rabbit (or skunk) poop phobia?


  • Goddess in Progress

    For us, most of the yard poop was somewhat self-imposed (our dog). I would head to a nearby Target or pet store and grab an inexpensive “pooper scooper.” Then you can just keep the scooper in the yard and periodically go hunting for the poop and chuck it into the bushes or somewhere else it won’t get stepped on.

  • Christy

    Last year we had small amounts of the stuff around the yard and ignored it. This year, you can’t walk without stepping on it. Not ideal for two little kids who can’t seem to stay on their feet.