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Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Where Have all the Interesting Episodes Gone?

I am not going to badmouth Jon & Kate. I think there are a number of issues there, just like there are in most families, but they’re going to need to work those out for themselves. So,

Dear Jon & Kate Plus 8’s PR rep and TLC,

I have been a fan of the show for quite some time. I enjoyed it because, as I raise my own little kids, it’s interesting to see how other families handle tantrums, meals, and just the day-to-day work of raising kids. While I knew it wasn’t a full snapshot of their lives, I appreciated the realism that was there.

As the show gained popularity, we began to see more and more product placements, special outings and comped vacations. Although I couldn’t necessarily relate to having VIP treatment at DisneyWorld, it was fun to see the kids enjoy the magic of the parks. The trips they took felt reasonably genuine.

This season, however, has felt like one giant ad. The kids are trotted out in their matching outfits to sporting events, theater, day trips and even full vacations. We see them less and less at home, and even when they’re there, one or both parents seems to be missing. Mady and Cara might as well have moved out on their own for as much as we see them. Instead of watching the trials and joys of a “normal” family, it now feels like we’re watching Gene Simmons Family Jewels (with Kate starring as the entrepreneurial rock god himself).

I get that it’s a lucrative proposition. Getting “real” people (rather than true celebs) to mention your product/hotel/amusement park is appealing. But here’s the thing, the fans aren’t stupid. We know when you’ve snuck in a poorly placed Allstate “ad” (that was shameless, by the way) and we know that no matter how much the family raves about this resort or that, we won’t have nearly as grand an experience. And at some point, it just gets boring. And insulting. At some point, we start to feel that, by virtue of having so many kids, Kate has reached a height of popularity such that she doesn’t actually need to spend time with them. Now she can afford her non-nanny as she jets around the country doing another book signing or speaking engagement.

It is time that all of you realize that we’re losing interest. What was compelling about the show is nearly gone and we keep watching in the hopes that it will come back. Sure, the kids are still adorable, but we barely get to see their personalities between photo opportunities. Get it together, TLC. Work on your brand image, PR Agent.  Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself without an audience.


A Past Fan.

Oh, and P.S. Can somebody PLEASE get Mady some counseling? The poor girl obviously is not ideally suited to be in such a large family and acts out as a result.


  • Melanie

    I loved the first couple seasons, but haven’t watched much since then. I agree with you — not only could I never afford all the trips they took — even if I could my family wouldn’t be treated like theirs. It’s time to take them off TV and let them live a normal life.

  • Goddess in Progress

    So, so true. I’ve all but stopped watching because I’m so annoyed by the product placements and promotional outings. Not that I would turn them down if I was offered them, of course. But it’s not interesting to watch.

  • sharon

    i totally agree with ” a past fan ”. we have seen very few episodes of the kids having fun in the yard or on the grounds of the new house. once i saw jon walking in the woods with them. and why did the 2 dogs they bought absolutely have to be named what kate wanted. the kids were denied even naming them when they are the ones that have to take care of them all the time. she even said on a show that she wanted nothing to do with them and she threatens to take them back all the time. i think jon needs to have a normal family life for awhile without the house being full of people from the show. the poor guy works all the time and then does so much at home with the kids. and being mom and dad when kate is gone so much of the time. he is a super dad , and kate just screams orders at him all the time. im sure he is tired of being embarressed all the time on the show by the way she treats him. i truly hope they work it out if they are having problems.i a break from the show might help that. the kids would be devestated if they split up. i dont know if there will be a season 5 by the way jon acted on the last show. i felt sorry for him when i watched it. it is all very sad. and yes , please get maddy some help. that little girl has some real issues that need to be addressed by a professional.

  • Huge Fan


    I agree that the episodes in the last 5 or show were not as exciting and that Jon and Kate (AKA Jon and Kate Plus 8) were not always together.. but it has gotten to a point were the show has taken them off.. I have noticed for almost all of what TLC deems as season 4 (even though most of what TLC calls season 4 was really season 3)

    That Jon was growing more and more like he wanted the cameras to GO AWAY.. I am still a Huge fan and have recorded (to DVD+VR) and saved every episode but 1 (PVR did not rec it) and watch them all the time.. I do hope Jon and Kate come back..

    you mentioned about the porly placed ads.. as a person who just makes ends meet if I can get something for a discount by promoting them on a website, show, or anywhere I would do it too.. If it got my kids (I don’t have any but will some day) something that I did not have I would take it.

    Still I agree with some of what you said in regards to the lack of the Kid on screen and of Mady needed concilling.. everytime she acts out I want to slap her. She acts out in a very unhealthy manner and Kate just shrugs it off (see episode were they go to the new house for the 1st time.. she should have been punished for kicking her sister) but they are a family of 8 and I love them..

    I hope they come back and I hope it is more intresting then ever going from lets Fix the new house to 3 months l8tr makes me wonder what happend in between

    Be Blessed

  • Christy

    As I said, I wasn’t directing my comments towards Jon & Kate. Although they are hardly in need of much of anything at this point, I can understand promoting products to benefit your family. My complaint is with TLC, and possibly their PR representative. The draw of the show is watching a REAL family. When their days are filled with promo spots, photo shoots and product placement cameos, we are no longer watching a normal family. Instead, we’re watching celebrities. There needs to be a better balance between sponsored activities and day-to-day life. If I want to watch celebrity families handle their daily lives, there are certainly more interesting families out there.

  • Kari A.

    I used to be a huge fan and would get so excited to watch a new episode. I know they have needed the supplemented income from the show and product placements – I also knew that they would not have been able to give their kids the trips that they did without the show & I was happy for them.
    However, it got to a point when it was no longer a show about the family but about the travels and things the got.

    I am actually curious now after reading some of the comments here and am going to watch the mini-marathon on today (as I clean the house, laundry and herd

    I miss the old format, the old house, the semi-controlled chaos. All good things must come to an end I guess.