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A Letter to My Husband on Father’s Day

Dear Hubby,

Our kids are too young to be able to appreciate what a wonderful father they have, so I’m going to write you a note on their behalf.

Thank you for:

  • Taking care of the kids when I go out… and not calling it “babysitting.”
  • Getting up at night with them and early in the morning.
  • Giving them baths.
  • Patiently putting together train track after train track for them.
  • Knowing their favorite foods, bedtime routines and other quirks of their day-to-day life.
  • Speaking of them with pride.
  • Missing them (at least a little) when you’re at work during the day.
  • Putting up pictures of them in your office.
  • Throwing them up in the air… and catching them.
  • Driving them to daycare.
  • Learning about their friends, their teachers and what they have done during the day.
  • Making them dinner that even occasionally includes vegetables.
  • Singing Happy Birthday to each of them once a year.
  • Hugging them as often as you can.

Giving them love, attention and plenty of affection, and showing them that Daddies can contribute just as much to your life as a Mom.

Happy Father’s Day!

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