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    Blog it Forward Six Degrees Part II

    My apologies for the delay!  As a reminder, the idea behind BIFSD (for lack of a better name) is to stretch out beyond my inner circle and see what I find.  I chose a blog from my blogroll and then chose a blog from their blogroll, and onwards until I found the 6th degree blog.  Pretty simple. This was a bit more challenging than I thought, so I had to make a couple of rules (ack!): 1. Each blog must have some sort of blogroll, whether it’s a list of bloggers they read, or bloggers that read them.  Basically, I have to be able to go somewhere interesting from the…

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    Where IS my oxygen mask, anyway?!

    Karen over at Troll Baby wrote a great post a few days back about the importance of being Selfish. I want to send an MTM shout-out to her by way of thanks. I am a firm believe that becoming a parent (and specifically a mom) does not mean sublimating your every desire for the needs of your children. Sure, they need to be fed, clothed, housed, and LOVED. But they also need to see healthy parents leading healthy and fulfilled lives. Karen mentions this in her blog, but it’s been my personal motto since becoming a MOM – When you fly, the flight attendants always instruct you, “In the case…

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    Shameless Plug

    I stumbled across Magic Dog Studio the other day and have fallen in love. Jennifer Blunt makes custom sterling silver jewelry out of your childrens’ fingerprints, handprints, footprints, or hand-drawn artwork. Imagine capturing those tiny handprints forever etched in silver or bronze… Or a necklace made from individual charms your child drew of family members. I’ve already sent the link to my husband as a not-so-subtle hint for our upcoming anniversary. [C, if you’re reading this, it constitutes another not-so-subtle hint.] Anyway, you must must must visit her website!

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    Yay, Big Guy

    Just had to brag for a moment… I took Little Guy to visit my parents in Maine a week or two ago and when I came home, Big Guy had cleaned the house. Seriously cleaned. Vacuumed and mopped and picked up all of my piles of clutter. Isn’t that wonderful? I knew I married him for a reason!

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    Wiki-Wicked Cool

    Massachusetts is known for using the word “wicked” to mean “really” or “very.” I haven’t used it much since the ’80s when “Wicked Awesome” was in vogue, but it still lingers around in some circles. It seemed appropos to use it to describe Wikipedia (you can search the Wikipedia for “Wicked” and see what I mean). The Wikipedia is basically a living online encyclopedia. You can contribute to it, edit it, or just browse the massive amounts of information included within. It is a community written, edited, and maintained reference source. I wouldn’t recommended it as a definitive source of information, but it’s a great place to learn more about…

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    Template Kudos

    I just wanted to take a moment to give a nod to my template designer, Christina Wiley, at The Designs Division. She has been working with me for quite a while getting this blog to look just the way I want and as I approach the “grand launch” I couldn’t be happier with it. She’s got reasonable prices and she’s phenomenally patient. If you’re looking for a web designer, head her way!

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    There’s nothing like getting to the bottom of a bowl of soup…

    Everything takes longer than I think it will. I don’t know if that makes me an optimist or just stupid. This blog is the perfect example. I think, “La la la [ok, maybe I don’t think that EXACTLY], I think I’ll start a blog.” All kinds of people have blogs and I’m technologically more savvy than a good percentage of them, so no big deal, right? But I can’t just head to a blogging site and keep my blog there. Oh, no. I decide my blog needs to reside on a new domain (my old one wasn’t good enough). And I need just the right name for the domain (see…

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