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    A Letter to My Husband on Father’s Day

    Dear Hubby, Our kids are too young to be able to appreciate what a wonderful father they have, so I’m going to write you a note on their behalf. Thank you for: Taking care of the kids when I go out… and not calling it “babysitting.” Getting up at night with them and early in the morning. Giving them baths. Patiently putting together train track after train track for them. Knowing their favorite foods, bedtime routines and other quirks of their day-to-day life. Speaking of them with pride. Missing them (at least a little) when you’re at work during the day. Putting up pictures of them in your office. Throwing…

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    Holy Rabbit Poop, Batman!

    We took the kids into the backyard on Saturday because the snow had started to dwindle and the weather was gorgeous. Unfortunately, the yard is covered in some sort of small mammal poop. Big Guy thought rabbits, but I thought maybe skunk. What does skunk poop look like? Anyway, Big Guy made a big deal out of not stepping in the poop and now Bug is paranoid about skunk poop. He refused to walk across the lawn and all he has been talking about for the past few days is skunk poop. He’s obsessed. Dear Big Guy, if you know that your son is naturally cautious about just about everything,…

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    Good Days, Bad Days

    Today was a bad day. LadyBug woke up at around midnight and didn’t fall asleep until about 3. Big Guy took care of her (I do not function without enough food or sleep, in that order), but I didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 or so myself, and then woke up again when he came back to bed. Someone woke up early, both kids woke up grouchy, I woke up achy all over (getting old, I think). It was a recipe for disaster. The kids fought, cried, screamed, bumped into things, and generally had an ugly and dramatic morning. I mainly tried to cope. Big Guy had the good sense…

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    I finally convinced Big Guy to help me out with my new website project. Yay! Now I can actually move forward…

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    Happy Birthday, Big Guy

    Big Guy’s birthday. Baked a cake (from scratch) and even made a decent dinner. All in the midst of a chaotic day. Our anniversary is next… a blissful weekend on the beach with no kids. Heaven.

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    Birthday Season is Here

    Big Guy’s birthday is October 1 (coincidentally, he was born on the day that DisneyWorld opened – must have been fate). Bug’s birthday is October 29. We also have various sibling, niece, nephew, aunt, friend birthdays over the next month and half. Time to start the shopping… Tomorrow, Bug and I are going to have to pull it together, get a gift for Big Guy, bake a cake AND start his karate classes. Luckily, Lady Bug will spend the day with Grandma so I’m not worried about her, too. I guess I should get some rest!

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    Super Excited aka Proof of My Geeky/Dorky Status

    I have recently learned that they are creating a LEGO Indiana Jones series of games. Who doesn’t love Indiana Jones? Who doesn’t love LEGO? There you go. We (hubby and I) already have the two LEGO Star Wars games and they’re a favorite for us to play together. Since he likes killing things and I do not, it’s a happy compromise. I mean, it’s hard to feel bad when you attack someone and their LEGO pieces go flying. =} Anyway, dorky as I am, I’m psyched about it. Admit it, you are too!

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    Insanely Big TV

    In case I haven’t mentioned it, Big Guy and I are techies. We met online. Our house has about 4 laptops and 4 desktops. We have a Playstation2, X-Box and Gameboy Advance. We’ve got 3 TiVos and 4 TVs. I take that back, because as of today we have 4 itty bitty TVs and one gi-normous monstrosity. I have this guilty feeling that we’re the poster children for American consumerism and materialism. Sigh. Anyway, Big Guy “broke down” and bought a 56″ DLP TV. It’s more than twice the size of our previous largest TV. It’s HD, of course, which means we then needed to get an appropriate DVD player.…

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    New addition

    I am back yet again, this time with a new baby girl!  I had forgotten what a newborn is like… always eating and sleeping and eating and eating. It’s funny because now that I have a toddler, the newborn seems like a piece of cake.  Sure, she’s a diva who doesn’t want to be put down, but still… how hard is it to just lay her on your chest and relax?  I certainly don’t need an excuse to kick back and do nothing. =} Little Guy is smitten with the baby, but not so happy with Big Guy and I for not hanging on his every word.  He managed to…

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    Dead and gross

    When we got home, I went to check the pool. It was cloudy. And green. With things floating in it. Dead things… dragonflies, leaves, earwigs. Things like that. Oh, yeah, and a squirrel. So I have to ask… who goes away for five days and returns to a dead squirrel in their pool?! We haven’t had a dead animal in our pool in the year we’ve had it, so why did one decide to take the plunge while we were away? Big guy fished him out. Let’s face it, that’s one of the big perks of being married. =} Anyway, he left it on the side of the lawn and…