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    Wedding Bells Flying By

    We’re heading off with tomorrow for Little Guy’s first plane ride. We’ve got a destination wedding in UT. It’s one of FOUR destination weddings we’ve been invited to this year. I am not a fan. I think that asking your friends and relatives to schlep half-way across the country for no good reason other than a pretty backdrop is just a bit… selfish. It’s not like they have family there. It’s not even like they met there. Considering that they have many friends in common with the first destination wedding we were invited to this year (we couldn’t attend, but it’s where they got engaged), it’s just too much. Anyway,…

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    I’m home and had a great time at convention. I’ll be posting more about that, but not tonight. =} Little Guy and Big Guy survived just fine without me and I didn’t cry the WHOLE time I was gone. Seriously, I just got misty-eyed a few times, and had a rough first night. Thanks for all of the support!

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    Yay, Big Guy

    Just had to brag for a moment… I took Little Guy to visit my parents in Maine a week or two ago and when I came home, Big Guy had cleaned the house. Seriously cleaned. Vacuumed and mopped and picked up all of my piles of clutter. Isn’t that wonderful? I knew I married him for a reason!