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    What a Difference a Day Makes

    Our LadyBug knows what she wants and she won't let much get in her way. She's got some traits that can be infuriating, but her strength of conviction is a source of pride for me.

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    I Pretty

    LadyBug has wild hair. It’s not wild like my hair is wild, fortunately, but it still makes her look a bit like Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (yeah, the original with the cute Oompa Loompas and the fun songs). She managed to get Big Guy’s fine locks along with just enough of my curls to get her into trouble. What’s a mama to do with crazy hair? Ignore it, of course. I’m sure that people have looked at my child and wondered why I haven’t cut her hair already, but those are clearly people who don’t have curly, frizzy, wild hair. Those of us who do…

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    The Day All Parents Dread

    It finally happened. I’ve been sort of dreading it, and it might actually have been worse than I imagined. That’s right, the dreaded TEMPER TANTRUM. Here’s the thing – I am generally pretty careful about maintaining a schedule for my kids. We’re home for nap pretty much every day (unless they’re at school), they go to bed at the same time, and so on. I always carry snacks and I don’t tackle known tantrum spots when I have both kids in tow. The one massive tantrum Bug had in the past (yes, just one) was pretty traumatic (for me), but it was just the two of us. I dragged, threatened…

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    Sick Again?!

    It seems my kids might be sick again, or maybe sick still, since they haven’t recovered from their last illnesses, yet. Ugh. When your child tells you that he “just wants to take a nap” you habe to know that something’s going on. Please, oh, please, let them get healthy and stay that way for a few weeks!

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    Good Days, Bad Days

    Today was a bad day. LadyBug woke up at around midnight and didn’t fall asleep until about 3. Big Guy took care of her (I do not function without enough food or sleep, in that order), but I didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 or so myself, and then woke up again when he came back to bed. Someone woke up early, both kids woke up grouchy, I woke up achy all over (getting old, I think). It was a recipe for disaster. The kids fought, cried, screamed, bumped into things, and generally had an ugly and dramatic morning. I mainly tried to cope. Big Guy had the good sense…

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    Nature vs. Nurture Again

    When Bug was about 11 months’ old, we walked out of the house and he pointed and said, “Car.” I don’t think we had any toy cars at the time and none of us had talked much about cars. It was the beginning of his love affair with all things vehicle-oriented. Then came LadyBug. I was determined to let her choose her own path in terms of toys. I didn’t want to force either of our kids to choose based on gender stereotypes.. She is, of course, surrounded by trucks, cars, trains, planes, and so on. But we also have a couple of baby dolls and some bottles we got…

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    Ichi, Ni, San…

    Bug started his karate classes today. Technically, it’s more of a pre-karate. He had a blast. I can’t wait to see him in his gi. It’s going to be super cute. Next week, I’ll have to bring LadyBug with me. I’m interested to know if she’ll want to join, too. She just might… and I wouldn’t mind her learning how to kick and punch in a responsible way.

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    She’s Not Called LadyBug for Nothing

    Spent the day with LadyBug today. It started well, but she took a very early nap. That meant that she and I spent more than 6 hours together once she was awake. Just us. In our living room. It’s no big deal with Bug, who is capable of playing on his own, but LadyBug is either climbing up me to see what’s behind the couch or getting into something she shouldn’t. She thinks everything is a game. As trying as Bug can be, I look forward to having him home tomorrow to help entertain LadyBug. Maybe they’ll be so happy to be back together that I’ll get a morning without…

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    Rock-a-Bye Baby

    The kids are sick and they’re too young for cold medicine. They’re just miserable. LadyBug woke up every 20 minutes to an hour last night. It was awful. Today, Big Guy stayed home (thank goodness) and we took turns going between napping and mopping up after drooly, snotty, whiny little kids. Bug milked it for all it’s worth by claiming that he had to watch TV because, “I’m not feeling good.” By the end of the day, he was running a fever and his asthma had kicked in. Luckily, we have a nebulizer here and he’s on Singulair, so it should keep it from getting too bad. Last cold season,…

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    This Chair is Too Big

    Spent the afternoon at a friend’s house for a party. It was fun, but both Big Guy and I were really tired when we got home. LadyBug was too young to hang out with the older kids and too old to safely hang with the little ones. Plus, she was determined to climb the stairs. It was just a lot of monitoring….

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