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    Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Where Have all the Interesting Episodes Gone?

    I am not going to badmouth Jon & Kate. I think there are a number of issues there, just like there are in most families, but they’re going to need to work those out for themselves. So, Dear Jon & Kate Plus 8’s PR rep and TLC, I have been a fan of the show for quite some time. I enjoyed it because, as I raise my own little kids, it’s interesting to see how other families handle tantrums, meals, and just the day-to-day work of raising kids. While I knew it wasn’t a full snapshot of their lives, I appreciated the realism that was there. As the show gained…

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    Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes and the Return of TV (Part 2)

    Grey’s Anatomy tonight was surprisingly good. The previews had show Derek’s one-night stand announcing she was pregnant and I have been annoyed. How cliche’ to have the couple finally get together only to have a pregnant girlfriend in the mix. But it turns out that the Grey’s Anatomy writers do have some sense and it was just a joke. When the chief announced at the end of the show that some changes would be made, I sensed they were talking about more than their faux doctoring. I think they might have been talking about plot. At least, I hope so. It’s a promising beginning to the season. Heroes. Ugh. Blah.…

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    Advocating for Our Kids

    My first thoughts whenever I hear the name “Jenny McCarthy” are of a trashy blonde host on MTV. So when my mom called today and said, “TiVo Oprah,” and I saw that Jenny McCarthy was on, I was a bit skeptical. Jenny was on Oprah today promoting her new book Mother Warriors. In it, she explains how she, and several other mothers, have helped their kids “recover” from autism though detoxification, special diets, and whatever means necessary. She has regained my respect. Americans are conditioned to believe that authority figures are somehow wiser. Yes, they may have more “facts” (whether or not those “facts” are true is another story), but…

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    The Return of TV

    Hurray for fall TV! Should I be watching? No. Will I be watching? Most definitely.

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    Bad Parenting Awards

    Parenting is hard. They tell you that before you have kids, but you don’t really understand what it means until you have a toddler shrieking and throwing blocks at you while your newborn screams bloody murder and you haven’t eaten a proper meal or slept more than a couple of hours at a time in the past 48 hours. Whew. Because I know how hard it is, and because I have found myself screaming things at my kids I swore I’d never say, I don’t like to throw stones. My house, after all, is made from incredibly brittle glass. With that caveat, I’m throwing a stone. A really big stone,…

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    Women are like puppies…

    If you watch Trading Spouses, you may have experienced a whole new level of male chauvenist piggy-ness. One of the husbands actually said, “A woman is just like a puppy dog. If they do something right, you give them a treat – flip ’em a dollar bill or something – and they’ll be all right.” Now, I suppose he could have been kidding, but what kind of idiot says things like that out loud?

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