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September Search Engine Fun

My site doesn’t have a ton of hits yet, but I usually get a few a week from search engine queries. I have been thoroughly amused by the many ways people find my site, and thought I’d start sharing the fun with you. So far, for the month of September:

8 different keyphrases Search Percent
razberry teether 4 36.3 %
mom does not want me to have a destination wedding 1 9 %
who knows mommy more 1 9 %
campbell s soup commercial chunkier 1 9 %
dead gross things 1 9 %
back-to-school cake 1 9 %
goodie bouquet 1 9 %
babycrazy 1 9 %

I suspect that the search for BabyCrazy was actually from me. =} Other than that, this is how people are getting here. Random? Yes. Weird? Yes. And I can’t wait to see what next month brings!

If you’ve got a blog and can access your stats, please share your top ten, or most interesting…

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