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How to Get Free Marketing Materials or 8 Tips for Making VistaPrint Work for You

VistaPrint is an online company that prints business cards, brochures, note pads, address labels, note cards, invitations and more. Typically, you design your materials, upload them, and have them printed and shipped to you. They offer specials on a regular basis that basically allow you to receive free marketing materials. You pay for shipping, a one-time upload fee per design ($4.99) and that’s it. I’m including some tips on how to make the most of VistaPrint’s offers. Please leave a comment and let me know how it works for you!

  1. Sign up for their email offers. Yes, it’s a lot of mail from them, but it’s the best way to get free marketing materials (or at least close to free).
  1. Don’t bother with the “free” business cards as they have the VistaPrint logo on the back. Wait for a sale on “premium” business cards and buy those. You can find them for free several times a month and they will provide a much more professional image.
  1. Take the time and spend the money to design a business card template, standard postcard, large postcard, brochure, and anything else they carry, using YOUR logo. Upload your designs. There will be a one-time $4.99 fee for each design, but this is worthwhile for otherwise free marketing materials. It will create a professional image.
  1. Use Internet Explorer as opposed to Firefox. The online editor does not work in Firefox, so you will be unable make adjustments to your designs.
  1. Use the same template for your business cards and magnets as they are the same size.
  1. Buy only when you get a free or next to free offer. Stocking up when items are free will save you from buying at full price because you have run out.
  1. Buy all of the promotional items available in a given sale as long as you can find a use for them. Shipping is pricey for just one or two items.
  1. Consider joining Commission Junction and becoming a VistaPrint affiliate. You might make a little money back from your investment and you can share the great deals with others.

Try out the VistaPrint Free Deals of the Week!

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