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Blogging in a Vacuum

I have admittedly neglected my blog in the past year and have neglected the blogging community, I suppose, along with it. So, now I feel like I’m blogging in a vacuum.  I’m out of touch with what others are blogging about and there aren’t a lot of people paying attention to what I’m blogging about. This isn’t a crisis because I’m a journal-keeper, so I’m used to writing things that are never meant to be read by anyone else. That said, I strongly believe that blogging is all about community and a blog without a community might as well be written in a fancy-bound book and tucked under your mattress.

So, I’m getting back out there in the blogging scene.  I finally managed to get my BlogHer account working (I could never get the confirmation email) and I’ve been poking around to see what’s going on. Good stuff. I’m remembering what I fell in love with in the first place… intelligent women, who are not afraid of being women, and mothers in some cases, but who can discuss other topics. Why aren’t we better represented in the media?

Ok, enough.  I’m off to read devour a bit more…

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