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Can we post it? Yes we can!

Raising kids has brought the question of nature vs. nurture to the forefront of my mind.  I definitely have been trying to be aware of the toys, media, etc., my kids are exposed to.  I’m learning that it’s nearly impossible, because even at 21 months, Little Guy is highly influenced by his grandparents (over whom I have no influence), aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.  More importantly, he’s his own person.

I recently read an essay from the book It’s a Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons  that talked about learning to let go when, despite your best efforts, your boy likes “boy” things.   I don’t care if my son likes “boy” things most.  I haven’t tried to convince him to like other things, or prevented him from playing with certain toys.  That said, WHERE in the world did this obsession with cars come from?!   Cars, buses, trucks, tractors…  at 21 months, he can name them all.  He can even recognize a zamboni (yeah, Big Guy loves hockey). He can hear an airplane from miles and miles away and a boat certainly stops him in his tracks.

Honestly, I have come to terms with the car thing.  So he likes cars, right?  But just when I accepted it, he started a new obsession… Bob the Builder.  I know who’s to blame for this one.  My mom let him watch it when we were only allowing him to watch Sesame Street occasionally.  Now apparently Sesame Street is “out” and Bob is “in” because he will not watch the gang on the street any longer. I think Bob originally gained favor because of all of the construction vehicles, but it’s gone far beyond that.  All day long he sings, “Bob the Builder” and waits for me to add, “Can we fix it? Yes we can!” Now I find myself making up my own verses… “Can we change it [the diaper]? Yes we can!”  or “Can we eat it?  Yes we can!”  Anything to break up the monotony of that song, especially since I don’t know all of the lyrics.  We’ve got Bob clothes, Bob books, Bob sippy cups and on and on.
Now that I’ve got a daughter, I’m interested (and a bit freaked out) to see what she’s into.  I suppose I can tolerate princesses and tea parties if I have to.  Can we brew it? Yes we can! Then again, maybe she’ll fall in love with Bob as well…

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