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Updated Mommy

I just ordered my Blackberry Curve (t-mobile) and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I’ve been using the same phone since 2001 and, although I still love it, it’s woefully out-of-date. Still, I’d have happily kept it for another year or so except the battery (which was always phenomenal) is starting to go and the buttons aren’t as responsive as they should be.

With my Blackberry, I’ll be able to check my email, browse the web and maybe even do some blogging. Also, I got an amazing deal through Amazon. They’re basically paying me $99 to get the phone after discounts and rebates. Can’t beat that! In fact, I’m going to use a bit of it to buy a couple of must-have accessories.

If you have any favorite Blackberry tips, please share them. I can’t wait to play!

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