Sock Monkey Spiderman!

I have more BlogHer follow up to do, but I have to take a moment out to share the oxymoronic Yes, I know geeks can be crafty. I wear both hats myself. But, honestly, I’ve only met one other craft geek and he was more of a GUY crafter. You know, woodworking, metalwork and stuff. Things that required power tools and the possible loss of limbs.

Geek Crafts is a must see for anyone crafty, anyone geeky or anyone walking the line in between. My favorites posts are the recent Spiderman Sock Monkey and the cross-stitched diagram of a plant cell. Shayne includes all sorts of crafts from cake decorating to sculpture to quilting.

Don’t forget to take the poll to say whether you’re a geek, crafter or both.

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