Things Are Looking Up

Yeah, yeah. I’m overdue for a post here. Then again, this is my spot to do whatever I want, right?

I’m here in good spirits. First of all, an overdue link to an article I recently wrote for the 360PR Trendletter on Dad Bloggers: It was fun writing about something a little different and the dad bloggers I interviewed were fantastic. Make sure you take a moment to visit their sites (after reading my article, of course).

Then, I was asked to speak on a panel at Blogalicious this fall. I am thankful for the opportunity to attend the conference, since I didn’t think I’d be able to.

Overall, I have a bunch of things in the works and I know I’m going to have a fun, busy and rewarding fall. It’s nice to have so many things lined up rather than waiting for the next big thing to happen. I was talking a bit about the “tipping point” awhile back. I was saying that I felt like I’ve been putting a foundation in place and that, at some point, I was going to cross a threshold and things were going to start happening quickly. It’s like the slow incline on a big roller coaster… you wait and wait as you creep up the hill and then you hit the top and suddenly you’re zipping downhill and around hairpin turns. It’s a thrilling time and everything is just as I would like it to be!


  • Megan

    Yay! Sounds like a fun project, heading over to read right now! I’m so glad things are looking up for you, and what an honor to be asked to speak! You are pretty much going to every conference this year aren’t you??? =D

  • Angela at mommy bytes

    Yay for Christy!! Have you gotten your sponsor lined up for CES? I’ve given up on the idea, but still think I ought to bring the family to Vegas at some point in the future.. Really want to see the Cirque du Soleil Beatles Love show after our recent Beatlemania. So what are you speaking about at Blogalicious?? And are Asians considered colored?

  • Christy

    Angela, I’ll reply to your separately, but I wanted to say this… Blogalicious is a conference to discuss issues relevant to and provide support to women of color, but it’s not exclusive to women or people of color. And, yes, Asians are considered not white. =} Then again, white IS a color, isn’t it?