WAHM Business Resources

These are my recommended WAHM Business Resources. They are the resources I use for my own business development, inspiration, marketing, and so on. If you have suggestions for additions, please let me know.


Making a Living Without a Job

Barbara Winter shares her tips on following your passion(s), building income streams, and living on residual income. If you’re someone with a lot of interests and/or talents, this is a great way to follow them all while still making a living.

Marketing Materials


VistaPrint is a low-cost alternative for printing your marketing materials, including business cards, postcards, brochures, note cards, and more. I will be including some tips for using VistaPrint to the maximum value in the near future.



MomPacks are packets of brochures, business cards, coupons, samples, etc., from mom-owned businesses. They are given out as free gifts with mailings, at fairs, at parties, and anywhere else where folks might appreciate the information. MomPacks are technically marketing materials. However, the group has a number of lists to join that are more about networking than marketing. If you’re interested in supporting and learning more about other Mom-owned businesses, visit their website, and join a few of their lists.

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  • Amy Martin

    I am also a BabyCrazy consultant and have quickly discovered that direct selling (home parties, etc.) is not my area of expertise. I am hoping that I can find a way to continue being a stay-at-home mom without doing direct selling. Maybe the MomPack idea would work. I would love to learn more about it. Thanks.