No New Members in the Food Allergy Club!

So, Bug has been breaking out in a rash around his mouth and we’re pretty sure it’s a mild dairy allergy. He had a dairy allergy as an infant and at his last test, it was still a low positive. The worrisome thing is that it wasn’t bothering him and now it is, which suggests that it’s getting worse.

I say, No. Go away, food allergies! We’ve got enough to handle without adding a dairy allergy, too.


  • Gennyfer

    My youngest got contact dermatitis like that when he was about 18 months from cinnamon. The same thing happened from a spice mix we used 6 months later. Now at 3 1/2 he doesn’t get it from those things any longer but I am careful to not serve things with those ingredients two days in a row.

  • Julie Deramo

    Wheat. Dairy. Egg. Soy. Nut. Shellfish. Rye. Chocolate. These are my daughter’s allergy/intolerant foods. The only surefire way I’ve seen to determine allergy/intolerant is to expose food (through direct or through your breastmilk), wait, any reaction will happen within 4 days. Retest two weeks later. No doctor, allergist, no one, can do this as well as you. Does not matter if they believe your result. You know, you care for your child. That is all that matters.