• Me

    Universal Balance

    I am a firm believer that you have to remove all of the negative forces in your life to make room for the really good stuff. It’s not some weird metaphysical thing, either. It’s simple. If you’re wasting energy on negative things, you don’t have it to reach for the positive things. And, if you’re wasting energy on negative people and feelings, you don’t have room for the wonderful people and friendships. For the past way-too-many months, I have been dealing with negative energy in my life. In the meantime, I was chasing a dream that wasn’t really what I wanted. I got caught up in the hype or what-have-you…

  • Blogging

    This is the Perfect Post

    As you may know, I blog on QuirkyFusion.com and, of course, on Family Computing @ About.com. It’s a lot of blogging for a mom with two little kids and a shortage of day care. But that’s not my biggest problem. My big roadblock to blogging is my vision of a perfect post. It has a beginning, middle and end. It says something intelligent, witty or profound. It makes people think and maybe even comment. It’s… perfect. Perfect posts take time to write. They take editing and spell-checking. They take brain power. They may even have an accompanying photo. I don’t have time for that. And I sometimes forget that it…

  • LadyBug,  My Family

    What a Difference a Day Makes

    Our LadyBug knows what she wants and she won't let much get in her way. She's got some traits that can be infuriating, but her strength of conviction is a source of pride for me.

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  • Big Guy

    A Letter to My Husband on Father’s Day

    Dear Hubby, Our kids are too young to be able to appreciate what a wonderful father they have, so I’m going to write you a note on their behalf. Thank you for: Taking care of the kids when I go out… and not calling it “babysitting.” Getting up at night with them and early in the morning. Giving them baths. Patiently putting together train track after train track for them. Knowing their favorite foods, bedtime routines and other quirks of their day-to-day life. Speaking of them with pride. Missing them (at least a little) when you’re at work during the day. Putting up pictures of them in your office. Throwing…

  • Home

    Home Sweet Home

    We bought our current house just about a month after we got married. I was in Australia for work for the closing and Big Guy had to do all of the paperwork himself. Poor thing! We moved in a month after that and the following month we were pregnant. It was a whirlwind process. For the next 20 months, I was either pregnant or dealing with a newborn/baby. And, just before Bug’s first birthday (he was nowhere near walking at that point), we found out we were pregnant again! LadyBug turns two this week and I finally feel like we are able to do some projects around the house. We’ve…

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  • Me

    No New Members in the Food Allergy Club!

    So, Bug has been breaking out in a rash around his mouth and we’re pretty sure it’s a mild dairy allergy. He had a dairy allergy as an infant and at his last test, it was still a low positive. The worrisome thing is that it wasn’t bothering him and now it is, which suggests that it’s getting worse. I say, No. Go away, food allergies! We’ve got enough to handle without adding a dairy allergy, too.

  • TV,  Vent

    Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Where Have all the Interesting Episodes Gone?

    I am not going to badmouth Jon & Kate. I think there are a number of issues there, just like there are in most families, but they’re going to need to work those out for themselves. So, Dear Jon & Kate Plus 8’s PR rep and TLC, I have been a fan of the show for quite some time. I enjoyed it because, as I raise my own little kids, it’s interesting to see how other families handle tantrums, meals, and just the day-to-day work of raising kids. While I knew it wasn’t a full snapshot of their lives, I appreciated the realism that was there. As the show gained…

  • Me

    Sex Offender Be Gone!

    About two years ago, shortly after Bug was born, we received a letter from the local police. It informed us that a convicted sex offender had moved into our neighborhood. Indeed, he had moved in a block away. To be clear, I can see his house from my yard. I freaked out a little bit at the time and decided to see if there were other offenders living in the neighborhood. There are no other offenders living in our neighborhood, but our illustrious neighbor is a Level 3 sex offender, which is classified with a high likelihood of a repeat offense. He was convicted of a number of accounts of…